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Tips and Tricks:

Tip 4: Care and Maintenance (continued)
Make sure you have your equipment serviced by a professional outlet and according to the manufacturer's guidelines every year. Reputable service outlets will check all the working parts, grease and replace o-rings if necessary, and pressure test the system. 

Tip 5. Know the Guide Number of Your Strobe
Many readers might wonder why I'm even including this at all.  The concept of guide numbers is based on manual flash control, and setting the aperture of your camera.  The reason is simple: I believe in trying to keep diving and underwater photography as simple as possible.

Too often I've witnessed sophisticated and expensive electronic equipment failing over something as frustratingly simple as a 50-cent component that goes bad. When sophisticated technology fails, it's nice to have a simple backup that won't fail you, one that doesn't rely on technology at all.

At first, the concept of guide numbers seems antiquated, even difficult to master ("You have to do math in your head? --while underwater?!") But after you've practiced with it a bit, guide numbers are really easy. And since it's only one number that you have to remember for each film/ISO combination, you avoid Murphy's Law with respect to sophisticated technology.



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