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Tips and Tricks:

Testing in a Controlled Situation: (continued)
the camera in place. Work all of the controls. Even in only 6 feet of water you'll soon learn whether it's sealing properly or not. If you're satisfied, try the same thing with the camera inside and the strobe connected. Fire off a few shots to make sure strobe is synching properly.  If everything is working, then you are ready to take it diving.

Tip 5: Learn How to Care and Maintain Your Equipment Yourself. Underwater camera equipment requires constant maintenance. As a basic minimum:

1. Keep the o-rings clean and lightly lubricated with silicon grease.

2. Never leave your system in direct sunlight. If you have to leave it in the open, drape a towel over it. Heat is the enemy of camera equipment. Housings will cook the camera inside if left in the sun.

3. As soon as possible, rinse all the camera equipment in fresh water, preferably warm water (not hot).

4. Buy a protective cover for your lens, and take it with you on the dive, replacing it before you get back into the boat. Dive boats operators sometimes grab a camera from a diver as he emerges from a dive and place it face down on the deck. This practice is especially dangerous for dome ports, since they protrude beyond the rim of the sunshade. They are easily scratched and expensive to replace.



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