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Recommended Software:

These days a photographer's camera bag is not complete without software. Gone are the days of developing trays, red lights and smelly chemicals: the modern darkroom consists of keyboards, editing programs and inkjet printers.

Having the right software is just as important as having the right lens.  For that reason, certain programs are essential.  Today's photographer needs three types of software to complement the equipment bag:  viewing, editing and presentation.

Before any editing can be done, the photographer needs to be able to sort through the images quickly and delete the unacceptable ones: there's no point in spending time editing a bad image.  I recently started using Zoner Photo Studio, and it's an amazing program.  In fact, it's the best free utility for photographers that I've ever used.

Zoner Photo Studio
  Zoner Photo Studio allows viewing virtually all popular image formats, including RAW. 

It can also resize, edit and add effects to your digital images.

The best programs allow the photographer to bring up thumbnails for easy viewing and delete them with a single mouse click.

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