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Underwater Strobes:

Part 2. Power Ratings

Strobes are normally categorized by various methods, but the most important factor is power rating. Typically strobes are rated in foot candles, watt-seconds or guide numbers (covered in the Tips and Tricks section.) The higher the number, the more powerful the strobe.

Knowing the true guide number of a strobe is especially useful (foot candles and watt-seconds being comprehensible to only physicists) since it allows the photographer to determine the proper exposure manually.

A true guide number of 32 or more (with 100 ISO setting) is considered powerful, whereas one rated at 16 is considered somewhat weak. Note that this is in no way a criticism of small strobes.

Underwater Strobes
Compact Strobe   Powerful Strobe

I have two strobes, one of each type, and the "weaker" one is ideal for macro photography. The small strobe makes my entire macro setup wonderfully compact and light.


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