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Underwater Photography (continued)

A diver that flounders and makes flapping motions in the water to maintain buoyancy, especially while exhaling a constant stream of bubbles, will scare away the marine life. Consider the images below. 

Unlike many fish that will actually swim towards a relaxed diver in curiosity, both subjects below are extremely timid. The basslet typically darts into a nearby crevice, and the feather duster worm retreats into its tube when a diver approaches.

Fairy Basslet   Feather Duster Worm  
Fairy Basslet   Feather Duster Worm

The key to getting these shots was patience.  I approached both subjects slowly, settled myself down in the sand on my knees, and waited. And waited. And waited some more --all the while breathing very slowly to minimize bubbles.  Eventually both subjects "presented" themselves to me for the shot.

This approach doesn't necessarily mean that I never swim towards a subject. Obviously I need to get close to my subjects to photograph them, but I never chase after them.


Approaching slowly, without disruptive movements, is generally all that it takes.  If that doesn't work, I use method two:  food.

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