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Recommended Software: (continued)

I recently purchased Serif's Affinity Photo Studio and confess to being extremely impressed by the "new kid on the block." It offers so many features that it is now my favorite editing program. Plus at a one-time price of $49 (including 3 updates), it truly an amazing program. The interface is pleasing and easy to navigate. Many of its features even surpass those of Photoshop.

Perhaps the best endorsement for Affinity Photo Studio is the number of long-time Photoshop users who are now switching to it.  In addition, there are numerous excellent online tutorials explaining its features and how to create stunning images. At $49 it is truly an exceptional photo editing program.

There's little point in creating digital masterpieces if no one ever sees them.  Presenting a finished product, whether it's for friends or clients, is essential.  In this respect, one company stands out from the rest:  Photodex.

Photodex ProShow Producer
ProShow Producer



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