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Advantages of Digital: (continued)

2. No film or film processing costs: though a $40 memory card is more expensive than a roll of film, it is reusable. Memory cards become cost effective after the first few uses.

For professional photographers, the cost of film and processing can easily amount to thousands of dollars a year:  I've spent more on film and processing in my career than I have on actual photo equipment.

3. Extreme light sensitivity: digital cameras can shoot in lower light situations that would normally require a strobe with a film camera.

4. Greater depth of field: because the sensor is so light sensitive, smaller apertures can be used even in low-light situations.

5. High-speed strobe synching: digital cameras typically sync at higher speeds than film cameras. As a rule, only high-end film cameras allowed syncing beyond 1/60th of second.

6. Image storage: Compared to film's limitation of 36 images on a roll, memory cards can store hundreds, even thousands (depending on the setting), of images on a single card.


7. Direct printing/emailing: the images can be printed via the memory card (many printers now have a built-in slot for memory cards) or the from the computer itself. This means no more waiting for the camera store to develop and print the images. In addition, since the images are in a native digital format, they can be emailed directly without the need of scanning images into the computer.

8. ISO changes: A digital camera's sensitivity to light setting (ISO number) can be changed between shots.  On a film camera, the roll has to be removed, and replaced with another type of film, to change the sensitivity.  Any remaining potential shots on the roll are lost during this practice.


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