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Care & Maintenance:


making it fit poorly in it's intended channel later on). Your fingers are actually so sensitive that they can feel individual sand grains. Obviously in addition to greasing the o-ring, remove any particles as well.

Not any grease will do. Use silicon grease from the camera manufacturer or dive shop
Grease the o-rings sparingly
When removing the o-ring, don't pull it out, "tease" it out. To lubricate, push the o-ring through fingertips that are lightly greased
Rinse the camera equipment thoroughly in fresh water, preferably warm water. Salt deposits are a major source of corrosion
Make sure you dry the equipment completely before opening; then open it with the camera back face down, so that any residual water
will not drip into internal components
Never leave your equipment in full sunlight. If you can't store it in the shade, drape a towel over it
Have your equipment serviced regularly; that includes lenses and strobes

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