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Dots Per Inch (continued)

Conversely the 12 mega pixel Canon Rebel XSi, shooting at its native high resolution jpg setting of 4272 pixels x 2848 pixels (just like the enlarged Nikon image mentioned previously) would print out to 53" x 68" --more than 4 times larger than the Nikon! 

Why? Because the Canon natively shoots at 72 DPI. In other words, printing a 72 DPI images yields larger results. This is often what confuses beginning photographers. 

So why not just always shoot at 72 DPI, and get the largest print possible?  The answer is quality.

A higher DPI setting results in a finer quality print.  Printers with higher DPI's produce clearer and more detailed output.  So what it all comes down to is: what do you want to do with the final print?  If it's for home use, a 72 DPI image is perfectly acceptable. 

But if the output is intended for publishers or stock agencies, professional photographers submit their images at 300 DPI. In fact, the de facto standard among the print industry is now 300 DPI.

This doesn't mean to imply that the Canon Rebel isn't a suitable choice for professional photographers.  It merely means that a photographer sending off images to a stock house would need to "resize" images to 300 DPI first (in a program like Photoshop) prior to submission in order to meet current publishing standards.


For professional photographers, who routinely submit to publishers or stock houses which demand the highest picture quality, most photographers initially shoot in "raw" mode, and then convert their images into high-resolution 300 DPI images.

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