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Life in the Seas Video
Life in the Seas Video

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   Two-thirds of our planet is covered by water, yet we know so little about it. We do know, however, that it is in peril.

The image galleries in Life In The Seas celebrate Nature's wondrous designs, from fish to seals; from coral reefs to strange sea creatures (each image in the gallery contains an interesting sea fact).

I hope that my underwater photography will allow the viewer to gain an insight as to why we need to preserve the remarkable beauty of Life In The Seas          

                                  ...George Perina


Underwater Photography

Many people often ask me what equipment I use to take the shots.  For those with an interest in underwater photography, I have created a basic guide to underwater photography. Enter Photo Guide

The section covers everything from basics of photography to equipment selection, from camera maintenance to over-under photography.

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Life In The Seas: A pictorial exploration of the ocean realm with 115 high-quality color images.
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